1L Taho

Jumbo HOT Taho

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Taho for sharing? Soy Yummy's Jumbo Taho is good for 3-4 people, just the right amount for everyone to enjoy a single serving.

Here at Soy Yummy, we make fresh taho daily using premium non-GMO Canadian soybeans to capture the best tasting and smoothest taho that is now available for pick up and delivery! 


1L Original Taho (Hot)

250mL Syrup

250mL Sago

1 pc. Taho Scooper

Want an even bigger size? Try our Family Party Taho here

Storage Instructions & Shelf Life: Keep the product chilled at 1-5°C. Shelf life is 2-3 days, without the syrup and sago mixed. Regularly remove excess water to prevent premature spoilage.

Note: Hot taho is made to order. Please allot 2-3 hours waiting period after confirmation of payment before product shall be delivered.

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