Shelf Life:

Taho and Soy Pudding: 2 days inside the fridge without mixing the syrup and/or sago.

Soy Milks: 10 days inside the fridge when unopened. Consume immediately after opening.

Soy Refreshers: Consume immediately for best taste

Tofu Bites and Tofu Sisig: 7 days inside the refrigerator, or as indicated on label.

Tofu and Tokwa: 10 days inside the refrigerator

Banawe Soybean products: Up to 30 days


Storage instructions:

Room Temperature

  • Tofu Sisig sauce
  • Sago

Chilled at 1-5°C

  • Taho
  • Soy Milks
  • Tofus and Tokwa
  • Soy Puddings
  • Soy Refreshers
  • Syrups
  • Beancurd Sheet


  • Frozen Soy Skin
  • All Banawe Soybean items



The following products are Vegan friendly:

  • Original Soy Milk
  • Classic Taho
  • Silk and Firm Tofu
  • Tokwa
  • Frozen Soy Skin
  • Beancurd Sheet


What's the difference between Tofu and Tokwa

Silk Tofu: Japanese Tofu; smooth in texture; Good for soup and stew.

Firm Tofu: Chinese Tofu; semi smooth in texture; Good for frying

Tokwa: Extra firm tofu; Good for frying and stir fry


Pick up time frame:

Kindly select the desired date and time. Once the payment is sent and the order is confirmed, we'll inform you if we can cater to the desired time. In the event that we cannot cater to the desired time, you'll be receiving a text message from our staff

Specific time requests:

For time sensitive events, please order and settle 2 days before the intended delivery date.
For immediate deliveries, pickup via 3rd party courier is available (items are subject to availability, see pick up via courier liability section) Please contact us on our Facebook page Soy Yummy to confirm stock availability.

For other questions or concerns, you may send an email to thea@soyyummy.com.ph