Brand History

About Us


The idea was simple: offer customers fresh soy milk and hot taho in your everyday kiosks. What was originally intended to be a side hustle quickly expanded into a full-time business with establishing commissary in Marikina City.



Business was booming, until the Ondoy typhoon flushed out most of the business’s assets and left Soy Yummy at a difficult spot. Juggling both financials and business recuperation, Soy Yummy had to build itself back from scratch. It was not easy, but eventually things returned to normal.



With the help of new partners, Soy Yummy was able to re-establish itself by buying back all the rights for the mall branches and strategizing investment plans for better food processing facilities.



Soy Yummy operations were growing at a steady pace. From three outlets in 2012 to thirty-five outlets in 2016 coupled with a brand new institutional customer groups company, Soy Yummy’s revenue jumped by 600 per cent. With this, the management team decided to invest in a much bigger facility near Roosevelt Quezon City with a capacity to support 150 outlets and cater to the needs of more restaurant groups.



Constructions for the new facility were going well and in January of 2019, the new factory was ready to start its operations . With the new facility being GMP, HACCP compliant, major institutional customers began to make the company a key supplier for their soy needs. Soy Yummy quickly grew to almost 60 outlets in just the span of two years.