Jumbo CHILLED Taho

Jumbo CHILLED Taho

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Taho for sharing? Soy Yummy's Jumbo Taho is good for 3-4 people, just the right amount for everyone to enjoy a single serving.

Here at Soy Yummy, we make fresh taho daily using premium non-GMO Canadian soybeans to capture the best tasting and smoothest taho that is now available for pick up and delivery! 


1L Original Taho (Chilled)

250mL Syrup

250mL Sago

Want an even bigger size that comes with a free scooper? Try our Family Party Taho here

Storage Instructions & Shelf Life: Keep the product chilled at 1-5°C. Shelf life is 2-3 dayswithout the syrup and sago mixed. Regularly remove excess water to prevent premature spoilage.

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